Luxury Resort and Vacation Homes Development

Grace Group has sold thousands of properties, worth hundreds of millions of dollars to real estate buyers. Quietly acquiring land for a hotel? Adding an ownership component? Selling blocks of preconstruction or finished units? Marketing your boutique condo-hotel. Need help preparing for the sale or launch of an entire resort? Grace Group gives you the guiding hand you need. Putting that in perspective…

We’ve Participated in the Sale of property worth over…


Targeting Real (Estate) Investors

Grace Group lives and breathes luxury resort property, especially those with an ownership component. We know what makes them attractive, and how to package them in a way that creates excitement in the property buying community. Now international owners and buyers call us.

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Meet the New You 

Embedding ourselves into your business culture and the culture of your property is the first step in determining what can be accomplished with the resources in the area. We become an extension of you, protecting your assets and growing their value. We’re pleased to meet you.

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Everything Under the Sun 

There are trends in everything from toys to automobiles. Property development is no different. We keep up with financing trends, construction methods, architecture and design styles, and the latest amenities. And when it fits with your property (and personality) we put it on the table as an option. Your minds and our minds become laser focused on the right combination that delivers results. See who we already proven ourselves with…

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