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About Grace Group

Grace group International is built from the ground up to plan, build, and guide small and boutique resorts and property developments. As a firm dedicated to this niche, Grace Group is positioned to understand the complexities of building, growing, and selling in this market. We have assisted property developments from the conceptualization stage, helped reposition resorts for sale, guided the marketing and sales of a property, and managed the marketing and sales efforts of entire resorts. Grace Lohn, the founder of Grace Group International, grew up in the construction business and is an international real estate consultant, giving Grace Group a powerful and unique advantage. Because of our many successes, we have built an irreplaceable pool of talents to pull from as needs arise, from architects and engineering companies that understand this niche, to lawyers and legal teams who understand the laws and regulations of the locales, to marketing and brand development specialists who know how to bridge the gap to the Americas.

Core Competencies

  • Project Planning 
  • Land Acquisition Consulting 
  • Property Development Management
  • Resort & Development Marketing & Public Relations 
  • Unit & Entire Development Sales 
  • Market Trends 
  • Condo-Hotel Specialists
  • Joint Ventures/Partnerships 

Our Partners



Your Team

Grace Group is made up of multi-disciplinary professionals in property development, management, international real estate, and traditional and digital marketing & advertising. We value smart people who bring more to the table than just a “skillset”. When we consult with you, you get every ounce of our brain power understanding, connecting, and romancing the story of your development or resort. Your team may consist of planners, marketers, data analysts, tennis court specialists, marina production companies, photographers, real estate & property lawyers, surveyors, art directors. The team is flexibly adjusted at the right time and for the right cost, but the executive team remains constant. learn more about your executive team.

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