Grace Group prides itself in successfully navigating one of the toughest marketing niches—boutique resorts and property development—and coming through excited even more about the industry. We work in the U.S. and across the globe, guiding our clients to new successes each time.

One of the Grace Group’s key strengths is their ability to guide Developer’s in understanding marketplace and an accurate overview of demand. Critical input is necessary in the early planning stages of a project. Our involvement begins at the land purchase phase and includes current buying trends, price points, market appeal, and desired ameneties. This is the information that ensures that a Developer’s offering is properly aligned with the market segment they intend to reach.

There are many important factors that differentiate Grace Group from other firms. Among them is our historical ability to attract qualified internal and external real estate sales professionals. Another significant distinction is that our principals are an integral part of the sales team and actively engaged in the selling process. Our knowledgeable and dedicated executives always have their finger on the pulse of current and future market trends and are accomplished in property development, sales, marketing and public relations.

Contrary to popular belief, non-exclusive listings are more detrimental to sellers than beneficial. Due to a lack of any listing reciprocity network listings are limited to only the client base of a particular Real Estate company or agent. Worse, it doesn’t promote cooperation among Brokers. Our philosophy is based on the open sharing of inventory—brokers then understand that they’ll receive a commission for their procurement efforts. This concept has proven to be the most successful model and has been demonstrated throughout the United States, Canada and many organized real estate Countries. Armed with this our clients benefit from entering into an exclusive listing agreement. Growth has been through a vast network of qualified brokers in the Caribbean, United States, Europe, and other resort communities around the world. They also understand the value of cooperation between fellow brokers and are eager to cooperate with one another through the sharing of listing information. Our program of commission sharing assures that selling a property will result in a positive transaction for their client and protection for the broker’s commission. We promote our properties to our broker network on a weekly basis and we have been overwhelmed with brokers eager to participate. 

To maximize the exposure of your property in order to achieve its highest price we effectively leverage our broker network, the internet and property portals. We subscribe to the most important real estate portals for luxury and resort real estate. The high costs of subscribing prevents most brokers from promoting non-exclusive listings this way. With a large database of prospects, many of which are vacation property investors and vacation homeowners, we use email marketing and social media marketing to attract prospects that align with your condo-hotel or resort property.

We carefully select, monitor and measure the results provided through print media, often using landing pages for tracking and creating additional selling opportunities. We only select magazines (i.e. Casa Life, Stewart Title and Megapolis International) based upon their ability to reach the proper target market for our properties based on price range, lifestyle and other pertinent criteria. Through the use of our mailing list we also harness the power of direct mail, often combined with landing pages, to open new doors and generate more leads.

Every project has a story. Often it lays dormant, hidden under generic marketing fluff or under the mounds of material created by people who have never experienced the property. We only work with properties we experience first hand. In doing so we develop a relationship to the land on which the property will grow. The story is the property, but it’s also the people, the mountains and the sea, it’s the vision of the planners—accentuating the best and most beautiful aspects of what’s there. The story is everything, and that’s the well of inspiration that the brand needs to organically take root in. Once it does so, once it’s a real idea, it becomes an easy sell.

We provide a higher standard of service, consistent with a company handling luxury and resort properties. Our clients can expect an accurate, timely and consistently excellent customer service—as long as the brand story is right.

When you’re investing and expanding internationally you need to have Grace Group International Consultants on your team. We assist individuals and companies who desire to invest and conduct business in foreign countries. We have a particularly strong presence in the caribbean markets and Europe. Our team can save you time and money through strong leadership, understanding of the processes (big picture and local) required to deliver on a vision, and the stamina to go from ideation to completion. Want to know more?

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